Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spectacular! CWG Opening Ceremony

Wow! What a spectacular opening ceremony to the Commonwealth Games! I along with hundreds of thousands of others headed down to the banks of the Yarra with my girlfriend and her friend to watch what was promised to be something the city had never seen before. And it sure was! Never have I ever seen anything like it in the world - huge fish scuptures lining the Yarra river for a kilometre with sychronised water fountains, lights and pyrotechnics with fireworks off skyscrapers all linked with the events at the main ceremony at the MCG. Really looking forward to going to 2 events during the games. Melbourne will be THE city to be in the next 11 days as it comes alive with a huge festival. Fortunately for me I'll be based right in the middle of it for work on a new project on the 38th floor. It's time to party!


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