Tuesday, March 07, 2006

London Namesake - more than just a name

Was just trying to put the rest of the photos on my blog from my travels and thought I'd comment more on this one as it is probably one of the more unusual things I have done recently.

Just remember Google indexes every, and I mean everything. This guy like me generally does not put his full name on his blog, but he slipped up, and a search for my own name brought up a post of his.
We both share the same first and last names.
It sent the ball rolling, since I was going to be in London in a few weeks (where he resides), it was a good opportunity to catch up. So here we are pictured just before Christmas, also caught up with him in January.

Quite likely we are related, as we both have family contacts in Yorkshire where our family name originates. His 2 years older than me and we also both did computer science degrees at university, are engineers working on new products in IT/Communications! Visit his blog here:



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