Sunday, February 26, 2006

True Multiculturalism

We don't need politicians telling us what multiculturalism is and how it is defined. Just look no further than the Clayton Festival. This small festival this afternoon is one of the bests examples of Australian culture I have seen. So many different cultures, many first generation immigrants all getting along with each other in a very friendly atmosphere.
It's about time those who think immigration from non-western countries makes us lose our "Aussie" culture to wake up and pull their head out of the sand. The only reason Australia is a wealthy country is because of these first generation immigrants, they are the hard workers of this country, from the English in the gold rush of the 1850's to the Afghanis who have migrated in recent times. Trying to force an "Aussie" culture on new comers is in my opinion, not a tolerating multicultural society we claim to be.


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