Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Giving the bank an ultimatum

The large banks in Australia are nasty, particualy the largest one who I have been with for 14 years. Next week they may find they lose a customer, one which has just entered the workforce and thinks I'll now be happy to pay for their "services".

I'm armed and ready to take on the giant
  • Taken out a fee-free credit card as I am not willing to pay an annual credit card fee.
  • Opened a fee-free bank account with a very large London based bank as I will not pay a monthly fee for the privilage to charge interest on my money and not give it to me.
I'm set and ready to go into my local branch (not the original one, as they closed it) and give the bank an ultimatum:

Remove the fees permanently and I'll stay with them, otherwise I will close both accounts right there on the spot - no questions asked.

What do I have to lose? Very little given the > $100 a year they want to charge me the above facilities.

What does the bank have to lose? Potentially hundreds of dollars of interest over many years from money kept in my accounts, the percentage on each credit card purchase, a potential loan customer.

There are many who are considering the same course of action. The outcome will be interesting, and either way if well pulblisised and actioned upon could change banks view on their customers.

Just as large telcos have had to have a rethink about how they treat customers, hopefully the trend will also come with the banks.


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