Sunday, March 26, 2006

Incredible final night of Athletics

What an amazing night of the final evening of athletics of the Commonwealth Games.
Having applied for the tickets in the ballot in May last year, I consider myself so lucky to have these tickets joining 82,000 other people at the now mamouth MCG. Went with my girlfriend, brother and sister - couldn't have been in better company.

The night was incredibly entertaining. Watching England win gold in the mens javalin and triple jump, the almight Jamacans taking out the mens relay events whilst Australian men and women botch the final batton pass in the 4x100m , and the Jamacan women "lose" the batton.
Craig Mottram being accidently tripped whilst another competitor lost his shoe, both finished the race. The enduring African athletes in the 10000m running faster than I could over 100m.
The effort of the women in the 4x400m relay, coming second across the line, but receiving a gold medal after the English team was disqualified.
The most deafining roar of all being for the mens 4x400m relay team finishing first and presented with their gold medals by John Howard, and of course Australia's Kym Howe winning the pole vault and setting a new Commonwealth record.

A sensational evening, and one which is unlikely to be repeated in Melbourne for a very long time.


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