Thursday, January 27, 2005

School Crossings - No Standing Zone

I am unfortunate enough to live on a school crossing, which means I can't park outside my own house while the crossing flags are out. This is between 8-9am and 3-4pm on weekdays. School holidays are great, no school means no flags so it makes it easier. Keep in mind there are 4 cars in our household.
So I've been parking in the street for the past few weeks. Today is the first day back at school for 2005 and of course I forgot and left my car out (I was lazy last night and forgot the reminder my dad gave me).
What do you know it, the inspector came around, probably knowing most people had forgotten. Apparently the lollipop man had a word to him saying that I lived in the house outside. So I was just given a caution.
I don't blame anyone but myself, it's their job, and I like to hope that the inspector was going around giving caution notices as to remind people school had started. But we are talking about parking inspectors here.


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