Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Barry Way into Kosciuszko National Park

Wed the 12th was a trip out of Snowy River National Park and up the Barry Way towards Jindabyne in New South Wales. The damage of the 2003 bushfires is still noticable and it still amazes me what a vast area this fire burnt. I viewed the devestation it left a year ago in the area of the Kosciuszko National Park around Thredbo and Alpine Way, but this was a long way from there and it was the same fire.
The road was pretty good until we entered NSW, the roads are never as good in NSW no matter where you go (take for example the Hume Hwy that goes from 4 lanes to 2 after the border). The road is endanger of becoming a 4WD track if not maintained properley. In NSW it changes from the Alpine National Park (Victoria) to Kosciuszko National Park.

The road joins the Snowy River and follows it for a while, before heading on to Jindabyne where it meets the Snowy again at Jindabyne Dam. Pictured is the view from Wallace Craig Lookout.
At Jindabyne I recommend the Alpine Chicken Shack for the best chicken club sandwich, rarely do you get the service we did from the owner Helen.


At 4:42 PM, Blogger Simon said...

ABC News 31/5/05

An important interstate road link in the Snowy Mountains is out of action.

The Barry Way-Snowy River Road south of Jindabyne will also be closed to all traffic for at least three weeks.

Heavy rain in February washed out parts of the road and rock will need to be blasted and culverts replaced.

Gippsland's Vicroads manager Dave Shelton says closing the road is the only option and there are no alternative routes.

He says if all goes to plan, the road should be reopened by June 18.

"The alternatives are really to plan from the very start, to take a very long way around," Mr Shelton said.

"I'd have to say, there's no easy detours or alternative routes on the Barry Way itself.

"So motorists who are predominantly touring four wheel drives as I understand it at that point, really have options of taking the Bonang Road for example, other routes through the ranges across the border."


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