Saturday, January 08, 2005

Trip to the east of Victoria

Saturday the 8th, we packed up our tent at Kinglake NP and drove to Narre Warren to meet up with some other friends to head towards our destination in the Snowy River NP. Had lunch at Sale along the way and headed through Bairnsdale and Buchan. The road started to climb and Richard and I started to see our fuel gauges drop. We pulled over and noticed a fuel stop on the map a few kilometers up the road, but after pressing the button at the shop for service there was no response. We searched what looked like a school camp for someone to help with no luck. A decision was taken to drive the 40km back to Buchan during which time my car clocked over this milestone turning on a digit I had never seen before.

After filling up, it was back on the road to MacKillops Bridge on the Snowy River.


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