Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Australian of the Year Awards

I was relieved last night that Dr. Fiona Wood was awarded Australian of the Year for 2005 after speculation that Nicole Kidman might win.
The award should be about recognising those who contribute to Australia and who's work is outstanding and not recognised enough.
Nicole Kidman - she's a very good actor, and although it might be for her spin-off charity work, she spends far too much time out of Australia, and wouldn't even have been there to accept the award. What kind of Australian, would snub the Australian of the Year awards to rehearse for some movie if they were nominated?

If you're a sports star, particularly an Australian Cricket Captain, you're almost guaranteed the award.
1989 - Allan Border
1999 - Mark Taylor
2004 - Steve Waugh
That's 3 out of 16, almost a quarter, of Australian of the Year awards that have gone to cricketers.

If you look at the history of who's won the award, it looks as if it's only been in the past 15 years where sports starts have won AOTY awards - is it because sports stars are suddenly seen as better role models or is it perhaps to lift the profile of the award.

Dr. Fiona Wood from her interviews on TV sounds like are remarkably intelligent woman, with 6 children and doing ground breaking work in the area of burns surgery. Her work was recognised due to a tragedy, not a triumph. A role model for all Australians.


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