Sunday, May 11, 2008

Drottningholm Slott

Just to make my Australian friends and family jealous - today it was sunny and 24 in Stockholm, the sunset is after 9pm. This whole week there has been nothing but blue skies and lots and lots of sun. So nice is the weather, I've partly adopted the Swedish way of arriving at work at 7-30, in an attempt to leave at 4. It gives me at least an hour to jump on a bike and go for ride around the parks in the city before getting something to eat.

Today a group of us headed out by ferry to Drottningholm where this magnificent palace and gardens are located. This is the private home of the Swedish royal family, but unlike places like the UK, almost all of the gardens are public space and we spent a fair amount of the day walking around them and just sitting on the grass in the sun like lizards along with hundreds of other sun deprived Swedes.

Compared to just a month ago (photos) with a visit to another much smaller palace and gardens, all the trees in the city have now sprouted leaves, changing the landscape within a couple of weeks.


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