Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Skiing at Kläppen

My first time Skiing- at Kläppen, Sweden!

Christmas has now passed, which means the activity in Sweden is now skiing!
A work ski trip provided the perfect opportunity for me to put on my first pair of skis and attempt to overcome my fear of speeding down a mountain - something which if you haven't done before, feels far from normal. Here kids appear to be on skies as soon as they can stand, and long before they get on a bike, so it was with a little apprehension I decided to go on this trip to Kläppen, 5 hours drive from Stockholm. Thankfully there were many others on international assignment from around the globe who had the same idea.
The weather was not too cold, although a little too much snow fell on Saturday making it difficult to see, but Sunday was a lovely sunny day (pictured above). We had some very patient instructors and once our fears were overcome somewhat, and had a little control over the speed we couldn't get back to the top quick enough. Looking forward to the next trip which I hope to go on soon.


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