Thursday, September 21, 2006

Australia's Trashiest Paper

Quoting the Daily Telegraph today:
Not only must they win the preliminary final for their fans, they must win for Sydney and the greater good of the game. Having Melbourne playing in the grand final cannot be contemplated. And if the Bulldogs lose to Brisbane on Friday, we would be left with a horror scenario - two interstate teams fighting for the title in front of a bored crowd.

Here we go again, more Melbourne bashing from what is evidently Australia's trashiest paper, The Daily Mirror, I mean Telegraph.

The endless Melbourne bashing this paper gives out it quite remarkable, a couple of weeks ago, it was winging that Melbourne had all the major events, now it's that there may be no Sydney teams in the NRL grand final. For goodness sake - Melbourne hasn't had a Melbourne team in the AFL grand final for 3 years! and Sydney won it last year! I didn't see too many people complain about that, in fact most people were probably supporting the former Melbourne team, even though they headed north 20 years ago.

What's become obvious is how threatened this Sydney paper feels of Melbourne, with comments like the above week after week. The paper is good for a laugh, like watching a small schoolyard bully trying to pick on the big smart guy.


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