Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh so cruel, but proud- what a fight

How cruel was it to be eliminated from the World Cup in such a way. To loose 1-0 against Italy because of a penalty goal in the 95th minute in injury time because of a foul that should have so obviously not been paid. Enough complaining about the referee, all those consiprisies about keeping the good teams in the competition, I'm not sure they have much weight.

Australia is new to world cup football, let's not forget that it was a huge achievement just to get into the world cup last November. To make it to the second round and give all teams a real challenge is something that makes everyone following the games to proud.
Football or soccer is not the main sport played here, it probably doesn't even come second or third. You would be lucky to get a crowd of 10,000 to a game, now 30,000 pack Federation Square and city streets to watch it on giant TVs at 3am in the morning. How far this game has come - it's got me hooked.


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