Sunday, April 30, 2006

Belly Dancers

For a friend's birthday, went to a nice middle-eastern restaurant in Richmond. Food was great, and so was the belly dancer :-). Still recovering from being stuck over the head several times from her sash while doing some crazy spins in a packed place. Looks like i'll have to go to a few more middle eastern restaurants!
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At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Linda said...


This is Linda...Caspar's gf. I came upon your blog because David sent me the link to come and visit it.

Nice blog you have here =).

In regards to this particular post, funnily enough I didn't even recognise myself in the picture you posted up. I only realised until minutes later hehe.

Personally, I thought the food at the restaurant contained way too much sodium!

Anyway, I think the belly dancer liked you ;). She couldn't stop draping her sash over your head hehe. Hmm...I know you got a little excited! *wink wink* LOL



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