Friday, May 25, 2007

Thailand -On the water

One of the best parts earlier in the week was when we took a longtail boat out to an island. This time we wished to go see Kayaking so after a chat with the local taxi drivers we went to Bang Rong.

Here is us setting out for a paddle around Ko Nakha Noi, a small island with a now dilapidated former resort. Didn't think much of the island, for some reason it was strewn with litter from somewhere. On the way back to the harbour, looking north we could see some magnificent islands. It was one of those moments where I could not leave without going there, so back to the boat driver we went and asked us to take us there. We certainly weren't disappointed
First point of call was tying up the longtail boat to a rocky outcrop and walking through the rocks to a lagoon in the middle of the island.
Another stop we got off and our guide with his torch took us into a cave with many formations. Far from Buchan caves there was no formalised tour, stairways or lights, but these were just as impressive.

Here is a boat. On the way back our boat got stuck when it's "tail" got bogged in the mud. There were lots of attempts to pull the tail out, but in the end a few phone calls by our drivers had a local Kayaking operator pick us up in their ferry and tow the boat out of the mud. Quite a novelty to be "rescued".

We also went to Bangkok for a day on the way back, but didn't have many good photos. Overall it was a great short trip.


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