Monday, September 10, 2007

Stockholm - city by the water

Today the weather was reasonable, overcast, but not cold or wet. Originally I had planned to go to one of the many museums but since the weather was good I just walked, and walked and walked (see below map).
Here are some photos taken today. Stockholm is a city on the harbour made up of lots of islands, it was one of these that I walked around today. Below is the old town area of Riddar-Holmen taken from the City Hall. One great interesting thing about the architechture here compared to other places in Europe is how colourful the buildings are and how they contrast with one another.
This is looking back towards one of the many bridges crossing the waterways.
This is the canal right next to where I am staying looking down towards City Hall. You can climb the tower, so that's on the to do list.
Map of walk (hopefully it will show up)


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