Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bletchley Park

Yesterday I took the train out to Bletchley Park, for me this was very significant as I had read in quite a bit about the cracking of the Enigma, and other, ciphers there durinng WWII. Much of it was kept secret until the 1970's and even more recently with some of the more advanced ciphers cracked with what is probably the world's first computer. It didn't get recognition because it was all classified until the last 20 years. Absolutely remarkable what they did there and it is estimated that it shortened the war by about 2 years!!!
All those invovled in this operation were sworn to secrecy, not able to share in the glory that troops on the front line were able to, yet their achievements were so significant. As Churchill said, they were the geece that lay the golden eggs but never cackled.

A fully recreated bombe machine used to crack Enigma.

The huts that all the work was done in.

A re-creation of the world's first computer to crack ciphers.

The Bletchley Park mansion. From what I could tell, not all that much code breaking was done there, but a grand building never the less.


At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Ian Hogan said...

Hi Simon,
I enjoyed the pictures of Bletchley Park, as I also have read the storey of the code breaking work done there - especially by Alan Turing. It is also interesting to see your other travels. Hope the work is going well too.
Ian Hogan.


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