Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cricket Reversal

Two weeks after seeing the Aussies beat New Zealand at the MCG, after Australia slumped to lose the summer one day series against England! and after Australia got thrashed by New Zealand in Wellington, I held out hope that Australia might do well. So I went to the New Zealand versus Australia match with a work colleague at Eden Park in Auckland. Australia did great, smashing the ball and scoring over 330 runs. I didn't feel too bad being the sole Aussie supporter in the stand I was in.
Then all hell broke loose, the Kiwis just smashed the ball, 4 after 4, 6 after 6, to beat Australia's score in the 48th over. I was very glad I was not wearing any Australian attire as I would have been the source of humiliation, just as some other poor unfortunate Australian supporters were. It was bad enough having my Kiwi work mate congratulate me on how hard I was working the next week 'to forget the cricket.'
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