Saturday, June 21, 2008

Unforgettable Midsommar Party in Sverige

This would have to be the biggest celebration of the year in Sweden, and I have been so fortunate to experience it with a group of friends who invited many of us work colleagues to a midsommar party to celebrate the longest day of the year and what is considered the beginning of summer.

This was by far the best party I have been to in Sweden, and one that I will never forget in many years to come. As with most things Swedish there is a schedule which was more or less followed...
  • 2pm – The traditional Swedish rotten fish lunch accompanied with “snaps” – a traditional liquor from the south of Sweden. While we’re drinking we also sing the traditional song “the hole walk”.
  • 3pm – We build a huge pole covered with flowers and dance around it like small frogs. And we drink more liquor.
  • 4pm – We have a very serious tournament called “fivebattle”. For example the game “ The drunk Norwegian” and “jump in a sack”. And we drink more liquor.
  • 7pm – Barbeque and – more liquor.
  • 8pm – Strawberrys and – more liquor.
  • 11pm – is “raj-raj” and more liqour.
  • 1am – The traditional Swedish “naked bath” in the traditional Swedish midsummer-weather – cold as hell and raining. In our case, in the local lake.
  • 2am – Collect the legendary flowers, seven of different kind, and jump over seven field fences so that you can dream about the person you will marry.
  • 3am – Fall asleep in a hammock, under a table, in a wardrobe, wherever you want… except for your own bed. (don't forget your flowers, should be under the pillow, otherwise you're screwed)
  • 12pm – Have the traditional Swedish midsummer-hangover and help the Attermo sisters to clean the place. Please.
Dancing around the (small) pole like frogs (video here).
"Naked bath" in the (very short) night at one of the Stockholm lakes in Bromma. Freezing!

If ever you get a chance to go to a midsummer party, it is a must, the best fun I have had in a very long while.


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