Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Moving On

Whilst I have had panic moments when I wonder whether I have really done everything i've wanted to do while being a student, a few things in the past couple of days have reassurred me my life doesn't end once being tied down in a job

Accidently typed my name into the search box in IE instead of in a login box, and the MSN search returned an entry in a blog. That's not my blog I thought, so who else would have a blog with my name in it? Turns out this guy does. Noticed he had a post on England's victory in the Ashes and left a comment referring to a post I made here. A few hours late he has left a comment on my blog (here).
So here I have stumbled across someone with a very good name :-) who appears to live a very vibrant life while working - phew! It appears DirtySi shares a fair bit more in common than just the name.
(Note to self [or should it be DirtySci reads this - can drop me a line] - have to find out where he DJs and put it on the list of places to party at when I head to London later this year/early next year).

My starsign (Leo) today in mX today, was as with most days was quite relevant - funny that, well maybe more relevant today.

"As much as the past appeals to your nostalgic side, you must be realistic enough to move on. Set yourself some new and achievable goals or make plans for a mini-break. Change will be a tonic for you."

Amoungst other things - according to a very popular academic at RMIT today said - you're not accepted as an adult until you work. Do I really want that I ask? I realise I'm not going to feel completely like one until I move out, whilst many of my peers appear to want to stay with their parents next year - usually a financial decision, perhaps to save for a deposit on a house, I have every intension of prioritising lifestyle choices over financial ones where possible. Not that I don't get on with my parents, but I am 23 I figure I've been at home long enough - perhaps even too long.

So as the week draws to a close, my apprehension about next year have subsided somewhat, and find the prospect of next year exciting a new, but before that, doing some serious partying (after exams of course! :-)).


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