Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Back to Uni

Back to Uni - FINAL YEAR

Back to uni for another year. This one being the fifth and final year.
As with my first year, it started with a DE class that was not worth attending. What's the point going to a lecture where he just reads off the slides, I'm not blind. The whole lecture lasted 20 minutes, a total waste of time.
I already know you can miss the first 2 weeks of semester and not miss a thing - did that last year, second semester where my overseas trip extended into the semester.
Fortunately we had a project team meeting for our 3 semester project, which was productive making the trip into the city worthwhile (Petrol [$2] + Train Ticket [$3.10] + 2 hours traveling).

Metcard - good news

On another note I was pleased to see that although the cost of a Zone 1 Daily Concession Metcard went from $3 to $3.10 this year, the cost of a 5 x 1 Daily card equivalent dropped in price from $13.50 ($2.70) to $12.80 ($2.56 each), and no more books of 5 tickets, just one ticket to use 5 times (not much good if you are sharing tickets but saves space in the wallet). In addition you can buy them at train stations! Unlike the book where they will refer you to a newsagent (great!), or even online with free delivery.

Added Later: You can still buy the
books of tickets at $12.80. Don't expect to be able to buy them at stations though.

As for the concession card which cost > $80 last year (to prove you can't afford full fare - yes ridiculous), it now costs $8, or you can use a Low Income Health Care Card from Centrelink. Finally, I've already spent over $200 on these cards to save, not a huge amount more than that.


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